The Campground


for Overlanders


Patagonia Overlander is a rural campground specially designed for overlanders who travel by motorhome, bicycles and motorbikes. For this we have developed a series of differentiating elements that we hope you enjoy.


Details that make the difference


Camping sites

We have 5 sites  in this way each place has a single, more private space, avoiding crowds and respecting the load of the place and the correct use of resources.

Our campsites are designed to be reached directly by vehicle. Normally RVs should camp in campground parking lots, reserving the best spots for tents. In Patagonia Overlander we look for sites with good space, level and view so that you can park your vehicle directly in this place. We have sites differentiated by size for small vehicles to trucks (not buses).

100% self-sustainable campground

Our campground is rural, not an RV park, this means that it does not have mains electricity or municipal sewage / water system. The water is obtained from a well and is treated through a system of oxygenation, decantation, chlorination, particle filtering and activated carbon. We have a septic tank of 6000 liters sized for the maximum capacity of the campsite.

The electricity is obtained through a small solar system that allows lighting the bathroom area, powering the water pump to pressurize the bathroom water and charging small devices through the USB port.

Being in a rural area there is no garbage removal service, so we must take care of our waste.
It is essential that as conscious travelers, you help us to minimize the production of it.

We recycle glass and cans, which we will take to the Coyhaique recycling center. We also have a compost bin for organic material. It is important that in order to maintain the recycling service we make good use of the designated containers and do not mix the waste, thus facilitating recycling. If you can take your non-recyclable garbage to the next town, we appreciate it.

Although the Aysén region has a lot of water, we live in an era of climate change that has reduced the waters around the planet, so we ask our travelers to use this precious element consciously.

In the same way, the solar system, at the moment, is small so it is essential that, for its care, it is used responsibly.

We are working to expand our water and electricity capacity, for now we ask for understanding that we are in a rural campsite and in a first stage of startup.

Fair Price

During our tour of Chile, we noticed that Campgrounds for Overlanders were excessively expensive, we believe that this misconception about overlanders has caused many travelers not to visit specialized campsites.

As travelers we know that every penny matters when you’re on long trips. This is why we wanted to provide all these services and differences, while maintaining a camping market value in Chile. Although building a specialized campsite has not been an easy or cheap task, especially in a rural area, we believe that our greatest reward lies in the experience of meeting, helping and enjoying the company of travelers from all over the world.

Motorhomes dump station

We have a place designed so that you can empty your black and gray water ponds and clean them. Our 6,000-liter septic tank is specially designed for our mobile home travelers who have nowhere on the Carretera Austral to sanitize and empty their tanks. This service is free for our travelers and if you only want to download and not camp, you can do it at a very good price.

Bilingual hosts

As travelers, we know what the needs of our customers are. Our travel experience and having consulted with overlanders around the world about the idea of Patagonia Overlander allowed us to create this campsite especially for you.

We speak native Spanish and fluent English, which will surely make things easier.

In addition, we know the area very well and we can recommend places and routes to do. The idea is that this is a meeting place where we can sit down to talk about trips, places and experiences that allow us to help plan the route and continue traveling.

We have a large map of the region where we can suggest routes or places to visit that we have enjoyed or that our clients have recommended to us.

When we are not at the campsite, our bilingual volunteers will be able to resolve any questions or problems you may have.

Spacious bathrooms with hot water

The facilities consist of a common bathroom with pressurized hot water at 42°C, a dressing room for showers and a comfortable interior space.

We have USB chargers in the bathrooms to charge mobile devices or tablets through our solar system.

Other details

In addition to these differentiating elements, we have a small path to a viewpoint where you can enjoy the imposing view of the Castillo cordon and the tranquility of being in a place without any neighbors nearby!

Our terrain, in addition to the view, has interesting local flora and fauna: lengas ñires, coigues, notros, calafates and lauras surround the campground, while various birds such as woodpeckers, chucaos, hued-hued, kestrels and condors can be seen frequently.



that complement the experience


Tourist orientation service

We can guide you with companies that provide tourist services in the area and surroundings. We know various tour operators to recommend and activities to do.

Parking service

If you want to do the famous 4-day trail of the Cerro Castillo National Park, we offer a parking service at our campsite. It is an excellent alternative to leave your vehicle in a safe place and enjoy this beautiful trail without worries.

If you need transportation to the start of the Trail, we can put you in contact with people who offer that service.

Patagonian Asado Service

Made by our gaucho neighbor and his wife in their specially prepared stove, located just 3 km from our land.

Bike rental and repair service

From changing parts to more complex services, the specialized company Pioneros Rentabike will take care of any problem that your bicycle may have. If you want to rent a bike and explore the area, we have great ideas for scenic routes very close to the campsite.


For more information, contact us:
+56 9 8833 9900
Location: -46.143055, -72.229166